who is cm punk dating

Phillip Jack Brooks (born October 26, 1978), better known by his ring name CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler who is signed with WWE

. He is titled ...Oct 21, 2013 ... I would also to say that I found that AJ Lee is dating CM Punk, I dont know if thats public knowledge. Punk had been romantically linked to ...Sep 28, 2013

... As reported, Cm Punk the best in the world and AJ Lee were spotted together on Wednesday September 26th attending the WWEs new press ...CM Punk and AJ Lee are a couple, according to Mexican wrestling legend and former WCW Superstar Konnan. Last month, The Straight Edge ...Oct 21, 2013 .

.. April is such a jerk she deserves what shes gonna get. Philip Jack goes through Divas like he changes his underwear. Its true I guess you ...Nov 24, 2012 ... For those of you who are still unsure if Lita and Punk are dating.

.. Here is some snaps of WWE Champion CM Punk and former WWE Diva Lita ...Oct 21, 2013 ... While addressing WWE happenings on the MLW Radio podcast, he stated, "I would also like to say that I found that AJ Lee is dating CM Punk, ...Cassie has just graduated from UCLA with her best friend Christy they both model and they love the WWE

. What will hap...Oct 19, 2013 ... There have been multiple fan reports of them traveling together (usually sneaking in and out of the arena) on CM Punks private bus during ...That son of a bitch has banged every hot female wrestler there is.
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